Forms & Information

Barn Rules

    1. No smoking anywhere in the barn or within 30 ft of the nearest building. 
    2. No dogs allowed. The personal dogs of the property owners and tenant do not apply. 
    3. Equestrian approved helmets must be worn by anyone under the age of 18 while mounted.
      Parents may not override this rule! Those over 18 may choose to ride without a helmet at their own risk. 
    4. No riding aloud inside the barn isles.
    5. Do not enter any stall of a horse that is not your own, unless there is an emergency.
    6. Please do not feed or give treat(s) to any horse that is not your own.
    7. Clean the barn isle after grooming your horse(s). You are responsible for picking up all manure, hoof pickings, hair and sweeping the area EVERY time you groom your horse.
    8. Keep the tack room clean and respectful to the property of others. Do not use anyone else’s tack without their permission.
    9. Pick up your horse’s manure from the arena, round pen, wash rack, or walking areas of the facility.
      $30/hour labor fee will be added if you do not pick up after your horse(s).
    10. If you take your horse(s) for trail rides or shows, you are welcome to take 1 flake of hay with you for the hay net. You are welcome to take a bag of bedding with you, but you will be charged $8 per bag taken.
    11. Guests are welcome at the barn, but you are responsible for their behavior and ensuring that they follow the rules.  Any guests who wish to ride or handle a horse MUST sign a release of liability form. We highly recommend that all guests, regardless of age, wear a equestrian approved helmet.
    13. Barn Hours:  6 A.M. to 11 P.M. (unless permission granted)
    14. Only Grain bins and Shavings will be aloud in the front of stalls, do not place anything else in the isle(s).