About The Trainer

Jordan is a young trainer located in El Dorado County, USA.
 She can start a horse from just gentling up to beginner ready.
When Jordan was a little girl she was put on her first horse and ever since she has had the horse bug.
 From there she started to learn to ride from her childhood best friend and parents.
She didn’t know anything about training horses but everyone says Jordan has always had a natural hand for horses.
 She has watched videos and learned from other trainers and learned about the Natural Horsemanship and ever since,
 it wasn’t just about riding for her, it was then about everything else with horses.
 Jordan started working with family and friends that trained horses when she was 14 and trained her first horse by when she was 16.
She now specializes Natural Horsemanship style; with a quiet and gentle hand.


Mustangs available for adoption